Sunfire SubRosa In-Room / On-Wall Subwoofer


Rosewood cabinet with a dual active 10" driver. This remarkable subwoofer is a rare combination of massive power paired with extraordinary reserve. Its 2700 Watts of pure, musical bass is more than any other In-Room subwoofer in its class. 
Requires SRA2700EQ amplifier.

It Will Leave You Shaken Not Stirred

Imagine a 2700 watt subwoofer so thin in form and free of vibration that it can be safely mounted on your wall. A subwoofer whose technical lineage dates back to landmark products developed more than a decade ago. A subwoofer whose stunning rosewood cabinet takes 28 days to complete and is lovingly finished with hand-applied lacquer. Well, there’s no need to imagine such a product any longer. Just take a minute to read about the only one of its kind: the Sunfire XT Series SubRosa.

This kind of brutal power needs equally serious management or the shake and vibration will ruin the performance. It’s why SubRosa features exclusive StillBass™ anti-shake technology that virtually eliminates unwanted wall vibrations no matter how loud your SubRosa is playing. For lasting visual pleasure throughout the day, there’s the SRS-210R’s premium, rosewood cabinet. Its beautiful finish is made up of 11 hand-rubbed layers of lacquer that take 28 days to apply the sand and bake to a gorgeous mirror-like surface. Like its In-Wall sibling, the SRS- 210R makes beautiful music with 2, low-profile High Back-emf 10” woofers. These legendary drivers are now 30% slimmer than the ones in our non XT Series In-Room subwoofers. At a mere 4" inches think, SubRosa may be hidden behind or under a couch, or displayed proudly against the wall without sacrificing valuable floor real estate.

The all-new SubRosa SRS-210R: For some it may seem a luxury. For others, it’s nothing short of a necessity.

Sunfire SubRosa In-Room / On-Wall Subwoofer SRS210R

    • FamilySubRosa
    • Woofer Size10 (Inches)
    • Length48.4 (Inches)
    • Width20 (Inches)
    • Height11.5 (Inches)
    • Weight78.4 (Lbs)
    • Unit of measure each
    • Master Pack Qty1
    • Driver Impedance3.3ohm
    • Frequency Response18-115Hz
    • Maximum SPL (inc. room gain)110dB
    • Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D)44.5" x 14.25" x 3.5"
    • Cabinet Net Weight59 lbs