Because You Care About Music

 When Sony engineers set out to design a new line of loudspeakers, they had the specific goal to recreate the experience of hearing music performed in a live venue, the way it expresses the emotions of its creator without the addition of artificial eccentricities. They strove to make the listener feel the music, just as if it were being played, with natural dynamism and airiness. And that’s exactly what they have achieved with the new Sony ES loudspeakers, elegantly and simply.

Sony SS-NA2ES Floor standing speaker ( Each )

  • Features
    Speaker system 3-way, 6-driver speaker system
    Frequency Range 45 Hz–45 kHz
    Front type speaker 1
    Tweeter 0.98 in dome type x1
    Assist Tweeter 0.75 in dome type x2
    Mid range 5.12 in cone type x1
    Woofer 6.50 in cone type x2
    Subwoofer No
    Output No
    Magnetically Shielded type No
    Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
    Speaker Type passive
    Characteristic Sensitivity Level 90 dB
    Rated Impedance 4 ohms
    Power handling capacity (max) 100 W
    Inputs and Outputs
    Input terminal binding post
    Output terminal type No
    Dimensions (Approx.) (H x W x D) 38.98 x 10.04 x 16.34 in
    Mass (Approx. lb) 70.55

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