Developed as a solution to the lack of high-quality craftsmanship and warmth of sound in modern architectural speakers, the new Palladio collection works to expand the spaces of the listening experience, beyond the boundaries of traditional listening rooms. Palladio custom installation speakers guarantee a total sound immersion with versatile models, also aesthetically pleasing in design.




With Level 6 of the Palladio collection, we reach for higher structural standards, particularly regarding the choice of materials. Beside the Voice of Sonus faber shape covered in leather, the unmistakable Sonus faber style is further achieved with the integration of a Premium Kit as an additional fitting for the PL-664 and PW-662. It consists in a package made of three key accessories: a natural wood front panel enriched with hand-made maple inlays, available in walnut or wengè finishes; a paintable magnetic frame to cover the aluminum edges and make the speaker completely integrated in environment; the classic elastic string grille, the iconic design element of higher Sonus faber ranges.

Sonus Faber Palladio PL-664 LCR Level 6


    3 way left/right/center in-wall.
    Drone cone passive radiator enclosure


    Tweeter DAD™ driver: 29 mm / 1.1’’
    Midrange: 80 mm / 3.1’’
    Woofer: 165 mm / 6.5’’


    40 – 200 W
    Undistorted signal


    Frame outer: 751 x 288 mm / 29.5 x 11.3’’
    Cut out: 724 x 265 mm / 28.5 x 10.4’’
    Depth behind surface: 100 mm / 4’’
    Protrusion: 15 mm / 0.59’’


    • FAMILY FEELING: A visible reminder of the Olympica Nova collection is the front wooden panel with hand-made inlays in maple, available in walnut or wengè finishes. The leather embellishes the Voice of Sonus Faber, the iconic configuration of tweeter and midrange, and enriches the aesthetic rings around the woofers.


    • MAGNETIC GRILLES: The PL-664 is equipped with a magnetic edgeless rectangular metal grille, ready to be painted.


    • QUICK INSTALLATION: Thanks to the swing-out dogs fixing system, all Palladio speakers can be secured quickly and effectively to plasterboard.


    • MULTIPLE POSITIONS: The LCR model PL-664 is designed to be installed both horizontally and vertically according to different needs: front/side/surround channel if used in a vertical position or center channel if mounted horizontally. Two versions of the wooden panel are available to allow both arrangements by simply removing the 4 screws.


    • PREMIUM KIT: The LCR model PL-664 can be completed with the Premium Kit that includes the natural wood front mask, the string grille, and the paintable magnetic frame.