Screen Innovations Transformer ( Fixed )

Screen Innovations Transformer ( Fixed )


Aspect Ratios: 2.40:1

Diagonal Size: From 115" to 254"


masking without masking

We weren’t happy with the current offering in the screen masking arena so we ditched the mask completely and created a screen that, quite literally, grows to the perfect ratio, matching your content. It’s like magic, and with Slate® you can now enjoy your perfect viewing experience in environments with ambient light.


greatly simplified installation

Gone are the overly complex, and time-consuming on-site installations. With Transformer, due to our simplified method of packing and pre-construction, you can complete the unpack and install process without any of the headaches that typically goes along with masking screens.


the perfect ratio. every time.

Whether you’re watching 16:9, 17:9, 2.40:1, or anything in-between – Transformer fits. With our proprietary telescoping frame system, rest assured that your viewing experience will be the best one possible, every time.

Slate 1.2

Gain ALR Acoustic
1.2 65 No Slate 1.2

Slate .8

Gain ALR Acoustic
0.8 70 No Slate .8

Pure White

Gain ALR Acoustic
1.3 10 No Pure White

Pure Gray

Gain ALR Acoustic
0.85 15 No Pure Gray

Slate AT 1.2

Gain ALR Acoustic
1.2 65 Yes Slate AT 1.2

Slate AT .8

Gain ALR Acoustic
0.8 70 Yes Slate AT .8

Pure White AT

Gain ALR Acoustic
1.3 10 Yes Pure White AT

Pure Gray AT

Gain ALR Acoustic
0.85 15 Yes Pure Gray AT


Gain ALR Acoustic
1.0 10 No Unity

Unity AT

Gain ALR Acoustic
1.0 10 Yes Unity AT
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