The XPS 8 is the entry level speed control for a Xerxes Turntable. It is compact and economical way to enjoy our reference Xerxes 20 Plus turntable. The XPS 8 supplies consistent and accurate control for the Xerxes Turntable and is electronically switchable between 33 and 45 RPM.

It is an ideal replacement and upgrade from previous XPS speed controls with an improvement in pitch and stability.



Key Features

  • LED Indicator - A Bright LED light indicator shows different colours to represent speed.
  • Easy Switching - A switch on the front panel lets you easily switch between the two speeds.
  • Small and Mighty - Our XPS 8 Speed Controller has been designed to hide between the rest of your electronics.

Roksan XPS 8 Speed Controller

  • Output Voltage

    16.5 Vac ±0.5 V ac rm s (33 RPM)
    16.5 Vac ±0.5 V ac rm s (45 RPM)


    90 degrees ±5 degrees

    DC Offset

    <50 mV

    Harmonic Distortion

    < 0.1 %

    Output Impedance

    < 0.5 ohm