The RPM speed control is the Reference Speed Controller for all Xerxes turntables. Featuring a super high-quality crystal speed control system and a reference linear DS1.5 power supply, it maintains pitch perfect speed stability for both 33 and 45 RPM.

Thanks to the advanced digital speed control PCB – the speed can either be increased or decreased up to 6.25 % either way. This is a very useful addition for customers in areas or countries with unstable or poor currency voltage to attain the exact, correct speed.



Key Features

  • Advanced digital speed control PCB
  • Pitch-perfect accurate speed stability
  • Flagship DS1.5 power supply module employed
  • 33 or 45 RPM speed selection
  • Adjustable speed control in micro-increments up to 6.25 % either way

Roksan Caspian Reference Phono Speed Control (RPM)

  • Output Voltage

    16 V RMS (33 / 45 RPM)


    0 degrees and 90 degrees

    DC Offset

    <10 mV

    Harmonic Distortion


    Output Impedance

    <0.1 ohms