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Reference In-Wall 600w Subwoofer Amplifier

  • In-wall subwoofers reach incredible lows with this outstanding outboard amplifier
  • Integrated dual amplifiers drive up to two subwoofers for maximum low-end control
  • Volume, low-pass crossover and phase adjustments allow you to fine tune the room
  • 5-way binding posts guarantee an optimal, secure connection

The SubAmp 600 puts control at your fingertips, with two discrete high-powered amplifiers in one convenient housing. Built to bolster the Definitive IWSub 10/10 and IWSub Reference in-wall subwoofers, this versatile outboard amplifier offers greater placement flexibility and optimal power for effortlessly driving one or two IWSubs in the same room or different zones.


  • Height    3.44" (8.74 cm)

  • Width     17.06" (43.33 cm)

  • Depth     9.625" (24.45 cm)

  • Weight    25 lbs (11.34 kg)

Definitive Technology SubAmp 600 Reference In-Wall Subwoofer Amplifier

Excluding Sales Tax

    Qty Included 1
    Height 3.44" (8.74 cm)
    Width 17.06" (43.33 cm)
    Depth 9.625" (24.45 cm)
    Weight 25 lbs (11.34 kg)
    Filter 40 Hz → 150 Hz, Slope of 12 dB per Octave
    Phase Settings (Continuous) 0° → 180°
    Remote Power Input 12 volt Trigger [.125" Mini Plug (.32cm)]
    Fuse Type 6.3 amp 250 volt {"label":"Slo Blo","value":"Slo Blo","selected":true}
    US Voltage 110 volts A/C
    International Voltage 220 volts A/C
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