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6 1/2" woofer with neo magnet
1" horn loaded dome tweeter
Aluminium cabinet
Designed for high SPL applications
Get it in black, white or aluminium



The C6TRM is designed for professional sound reinforcement in commercial installations and high performance home cinema. C6TRM has unique live-like dynamics and reproduces real life dynamics without any sweat. Coverage is highly uniform and speech intelligibility is 2nd to none!

The woofer features a strong neodymium magnet with state-of-the art-cooling and only 1 dB power compression after 8 hours IEC test. The 1″ horn-loaded dome tweeter combines the output of a horn-loaded design with the clarity of a dome tweeter.

C6TRM is the perfect choice for entertainment venues, large meeting rooms or conference rooms and even as very low profile monitors in TV Studios. It can even be placed on a tripod and used as a compact AV speakers for fashion shows, weddings, in museums and similar applications where strong output is needed from a very compact box.

C6TRM can be used in full range applications for speech, but function best when supported by a sub.


Excluding Sales Tax
    • Power handling, IEC268: 250 watt
    • Power handling, peak: 1000 watt
    • Sensitivity, 2,83V/1m: 92 dB
    • Maximum SPL, long term: 116 dB
    • Maximum SPL, peak: 122 dB
    • Frequency response: 70-20.000 Hz
    • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
    • Weight: 5,9 kg
    • Measurement: 502x232x167mm
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