The Ci3160RLb-THX is a THX certified Ultra2/Select2 in-wall home theater subwoofer designed to work with the KEF KASA500 power subwoofer amplifier. The Ci3160RLb-THX features three high-output 6.5in sub-bass drivers mounted to a massive & gorgeous brushed aluminium baffle. 


For the ultimate in Extreme Home Theater, certified to THX ULTRA2 and THX SELECT2 standards, the formidable Ci R Series Ci3160RLb-THX in-wall subwoofer has the deep bass and theater thumping output capabilities of a traditional KEF subwoofer coupled with the ability to deliver all the drama and emotional intensity of full theatre sound quality. With three high-output 160mm sub-bass drivers mounted to a massive aluminium baffle the Ci3160RLb-THX must be matched with KEF’s powerful KASA500 system amplifier. Each KASA500 can power up to two of the Ci3160RLb-THX subwoofers for even the most demanding theater installations.

For theater building flexibility, the remainder of KEF’s Extreme Theater suite consists of two THX Ultra2 certified in-wall LCR speakers, a THX Ultra2 certified in-ceiling LCR speaker, as well as a smaller in-wall subwoofer and smaller in-wall LCR.

KEF Ci3160RLb-THX Subwoofer

  • Model Ci3160RLb-THX
    Nominal Impedance
    Sensitivity (2.83V/ 1m) 92dB
    Frequency response (±6dB)
    20Hz - 140Hz
    Drive units

    3 x 160mm (6.5 in.)
    Required Amplifier KASA500
    Product external dimensions
    (H x W x D)
    680 x 230 x 96 mm
    (26.77 x 9.06 x 3.78 in.)
    Product external dimensions
    (with Grille) (H x W x D)
    683 x 242 x 102.7 mm
    (26.89 x 9.53 x 4.04 in.)
    Cut-out dimensions 660 x 209mm (25.98 x 8.23 in.)
    Net Weight 10.9 kg (24.1 lbs)
    Mounting depth from surface 88.5mm (3.84 in.)