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 Our Performance Luxury Brands

James Loudspeaker

is an industry leader in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions for indoor, outdoor, and marine applications.


Lyngdorf Audio

All Lyngdorf Audio components share the same technologically advanced DNA of the legendary Steinway Lyngdorf product line, with the additional benefit of flexible connectivity and the ability to be combined with other component brands as you wish. Lyngdorf Audio develops, designs, and creates products for high-performance audio enthusiasts seeking the highest quality and most exciting components on the market. Lyngdorf Audio products do not re-produce music; they replay music with all the original passion and musicality intact. The brand is known throughout the world as the leader in high-performance digital audio. 


Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen is more than just screens – they are a group of dreamers, designers, and forward thinkers who want to craft unbelievable viewing experiences and with over 70 years in the projection screen industry, you are guaranteed to get a product that’s designed with integrity and built to last. They are driven by a passion to continually craft products that are smarter, stronger and perfectly fit for you.

Experience the Stewart difference –  creators of wow-worthy moments of timeless quality and superior design made just for you!


Kinetics Noise Control

You build your home with comfort in mind. When it comes to the sounds in your life whether it be an intimate dinner with friends or a movie night with the family, Kinetics helps to reduce extraneous noise and elevate desired sounds in your home.


M&K Sound

M&K Sound, they design loudspeakers to sound inherently good, to be universal tools, and equally adept with any style of music or movie soundtrack, in stereo or surround.  For more than four decades M&K Sound has been in the highest regards by the audio press, the film and music industry as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home theatres. Building on a truly unique heritage and a strong market presence that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and consumer audio, M&K Sound pledges to continue to offer performance, reliability and value for money that is second to none.


Digital Projection

Digital Projection is an Emmy-award winning manufacturer of high-performance laser projectors and fine-pitch LED video walls. A digital imaging pioneer, the company has a long history of setting new performance standards in exceptional viewing experiences. Notable accomplishments include having introduced the world’s first 3-chip DLP projector and the world’s first true 8K DLP projector. Today, Digital Projection’s top-of-the-line products are the reference standard for spaces that demand the very best imaging possible- including large-screen venues, live-event staging, fortune 5000 companies, education, medical & scientific research, command & control, visitor attraction, digital signage, houses of worship, and elite home cinema.